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My research career in scientific computing took me from Physical Chemistry at UC San Diego, where I received a doctorate doing solid-state NMR, to Computer Science at the ETH Zurich, where I developed software for bioinformatics analyses, to the Institute of Plant Sciences at the University of Bern, where I was responsible for genomics in projects involving food security and pollination syndromes. Food security and sustainable agriculture under a changing climate remain close to my heart, and I believe strongly in the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, including SDG #5, Gender Equality.

I am a citizen of both the USA and Switzerland and have two adult Swiss children. In 2021, I left research and started a position as an Information Consultant for Life Sciences at the Chemistry | Biology | Pharmacy Information Center at ETH Zurich; in this position, I teach information management, scientific software, and scientific writing. I joined 500 WS in 2022 to support women in STEM.

Dr. Gina Cannarozzi

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